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Public Speaking

Beck has been a public speaker for various occasions throughout her life. Her favorite topics are self-worth, achieving greatness and success, and anti-bullying. Her approach is unique as she often combines all these topics into one with the message, "Until you treat others like there is greatness in them you will never achieve it for yourself."

As a severally bullied, unhealthy and depressed child she tried to end her own life by swallowing a bottle of pills in junior high. At age 15, she found martial arts. Her instructor could see the greatness buried deep down and he was able to help her pull that greatness to the surface. By the time she went to college, her grades went from failing to A's and B's, she became healthy and goal oriented, gained the courage to stand up for her convictions, and even went to a small private college with a basketball scholarship. She went on to become a powerhouse in every area in life. She is now a 5th degree (master level) Goju Karate black belt, second degree Kempo blackbelt, triple crown national champion, instructor, roll model, mom, and wife.

Beck believes that every person has the potential to live an extraordinary and happy life. She takes the tools, that anyone can learn, from her martial arts training and teaches others how they can be applied to their own lives. Beck's motivation comes from watching the light brighten in the eye's of others who have felt hopeless for so long.

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