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Just Breathe.

Breath. One of the underestimated yet most powerful forces in the universe is the power of the breath. Breathing with purpose has been proven to enhance connection, creativity, joy and intuition. It can reduce physical pain as well as tension, depression, anxiety, and trauma while raising the immune system.

It is our life force, known in martial arts as Chi. Chi is the energy that is in all living things and it begins with the breath. Right after a baby is born the breath is the first act of independence into the world.

On a biological level the breath oxygenates our blood and sends that energy throughout the body. On a more enigmatic level, the breath can give you strength and focus during difficult tasks. Used intentionally, it can slow the heartrate and deepen then mind giving you new insights and creative thought.

In training, the quick exhale or “kiai” while receiving a blow can prevent a person from having the “wind knocked out of them”. It tightens the abdominal muscles to protect internal organs. A strong kiai while delivering a strike adds focus and power that is transmuted into the opponent for greater damage.

The power of breath is quite remarkable. So whether you are needing to destress or add a new level to your training be mindful of your breath. Use it wisely and it can only benefit your life and martial arts training. With mindful breathing you can see the external evidence of your internal chi.

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